Adult Primary Care

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$70 Adult Primary Care visits

Our practitioners can evaluate, diagnose and treat a variety of minor illnesses and injuries, including bronchitis, flu, strep throat, bladder infections, minor burns and cuts, insect stings, Health screenings, measure blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose and body mass index, so you can know your numbers and maintain good health.

If you need to stay on top of a chronic condition such as diabetes or high cholesterol, our monitoring and educational support services can help.  We also provide camp and sports physicals, help with smoking cessation, and of course our weight loss programs (see details).


Service & Price List

Minor Illnesses
Coughs & bronchitis
Ear infections & earaches
Flu-like symptoms
Heartburn & indigestion
HIV pre- or post-exposure treatment
Mouth & oral conditions
Mouth & oral pain
Nausea, vomiting & diarrhea
Pink eye & styes
Sinus infections & congestion
Sore & strep throats
Upper respiratory infections
Urinary tract & bladder infections
Zika virus
Minor Injuries
Bug bites & stings
Minor burns
Minor cuts, blisters & wounds
Splinter removal
Sprains, strains & joint pain
Suture & staple removal
Tick bites
Skin Conditions
Athlete’s foot
Chicken pox
Cold, canker & mouth sores
Hair loss
Minor psoriasis
Poison ivy & poison oak
Rash, skin irritation & dermatitis
Swimmer’s itch
Wart evaluation
Wellness & Physicals
General Medical Exams
School / Sports Physicals
Epinephrine Pen Refills
Eyelash Lengthening Consult
Medication Renewals
Smoking Cessation
TB Testing / PPD
Titers & Immunity
Screening & Monitoring
Asthma monitoring
Basic health screenings
Cholesterol screenings
Comprehensive health screenings
Diabetes screenings (glucose)
A1c checks
Diabetes monitoring
Diabetes treatment
Hepatitis C test screenings (New York and Hawaii only)
High blood pressure monitoring
High blood pressure treatment
High cholesterol monitoring
High cholesterol treatment
Travel Health
Motion sickness prevention
Pre-travel consultation
Traveler’s diarrhea prevention & care
Womens Services
Birth control care
Birth control injection
HPV (human papillomavirus)
Pregnancy evaluation
Urinary tract & bladder infections
Yeast infections
Additional Services

$15 Pregnancy Test (urine)
$35 Pregnancy Test (blood)
$75 EKG
$30 Nebulizer Treatment
$350 PRP
$100 Trigger Point Injection

Our charges vary based on the number of symptoms or conditions a patient has, and whether we provide more than one service. Most visits fall within the ranges provided but charges can exceed these ranges in more complex cases.

**Lab, tests and additional services indicated above or in addition to, may result in additional charges.

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