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athletic nutritionWhether you’re training for a marathon, weight-lifting, boxing, or just keeping up with your conditioning, we can aid your Athletic conditioning with our nutritional consults and supplementation. We provide everything for beginners to the more advanced athlete and professional.

Athletic Performance

Peak athletic performance has traditionally been equated with aggressive physical training. Whether you are a seasoned athlete or a weekend warrior training for your first 5K, speed and agility are supposed to come from pushing harder. Most training programs are designed to gradually increase duration and intensity of workouts with the theory that ability will improve in a similarly linear fashion.


From a nutritional standpoint, the athlete’s focus should include both macronutrients – protein for muscle rebuilding, carbohydrates for energy renewal, fats for nerve function – as well as the critically important micronutrients – which are the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids your body needs to function optimally every day and over a lifetime.


The proper elements to maximizing athletic performance are nutritional balance to fuel workouts and build muscle, prevention of oxidative stress and swelling that damage cells, and appropriate supplementation to substitute the micronutrients expended during training and aid in the recovery process.

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The athlete’s need for micronutrients may vary depending on the intensity and duration of their training. An athlete’s body is an instrument that needs to run as cleanly and efficiently on a consistent level. The “normal” amount of each micronutrient varies from athlete to athlete, and even in the same athlete depending on circumstances in their individual lifestyle. Each training session generates inflammation and oxidative stress.

Depending on what you are looking to accomplish, we discuss and determine a goal based diet and nutrition plan that caters to your wants and needs.

Ultimate Performance

Ultimate performance in any sport can only be achieved through efficient training and maintaining proper nutrients and body function. Pushing your body beyond its limits can result in injury and lost training time.

To maximize performance and increase your overall fitness you must:

  • Have the appropriate micronutrients to efficiently generate ATP or energy for your muscles
  • Clear inflammation and toxins completely after each workout and throughout your day.
  • Ensure that your gastrointestinal tract is healthy. Not only will the appropriate balance of healthy bacteria aid in proper digestion and absorption of vital nutrients, but they will prevent the development of leaky gut. If the gastrointestinal wall is not intact and small toxic particles enter the blood stream, systemic inflammation will occur and prevent all athletic success.
  • Understand what supplement choices are truly right for your particular body and event and how to use them appropriately.
  • Practice a healthy balance of strength training and cardio and know how to prevent overtraining.

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