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Allied Health Panel
179.00 USD

Arthritis Screening Panel
159.00 USD

Complete Metabolic Panel
49.00 USD

Comprehensive Female Panel
279.00 USD

Comprehensive Male Panel
239.00 USD

Hair 5-Panel Heavy Metals
325.00 USD

Basic Food and Environmental Allergy Panel
219.00 USD

Breast Cancer Monitoring Panel
499.00 USD

Heart Health Panel
279.00 USD

Thyroid Panel
139.00 USD

Basic Nutritional Panel
299.00 USD

STD Panel, Comprehensive
229.00 USD

Anemia & Iron Panel
299.00 USD

Iron Panel
180.00 USD

180.00 USD

Annual Check-Up Panel
129.00 USD

Bartonella (Cat Scratch Disease) with Tick Panel
1609.00 USD

Basic (Pediatric) Allergy Panel
139.00 USD

Basic STD Panel
159.00 USD

Celiac Disease Panel
179.00 USD

Cholesterol (Lipid) Panel
49.00 USD

Cholesterol Medication Maintenance Panel
79.00 USD

Comprehensive Food and Environmental Allergy Panel
289.00 USD

Diabetes Maintenance Panel
99.00 USD

Expanded Food Allergy Panel
229.00 USD

Expanded Food Allergy Panel (IgG or IgE)
279.00 USD

Expanded Food Allergy Panel III – (Both IgE and IgG)
489.00 USD

Food and Environmental Comprehensive IgG Allergy Panel
359.00 USD

Hepatic Function Panel
49.00 USD

Hepatitis Panel
129.00 USD

Intolerance And Sensitivity (200 Food Panel)
649.00 USD

MMA / Boxing Fighter Panel
89.00 USD

Mold Allergy Panel
129.00 USD

Osteoporosis Risk Panel
499.00 USD

page still under review, please call for exact prices.

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