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Are foods making you sick??

The ALCAT Test is a highly sensitive, objective test for assessing which foods you may be intolerant or sensitive to. Our bodies react to foods and chemicals in many different ways. One such way is in the form of an immediate allergic reaction. The ALCAT Test does not specifically test for this type of classic or “true” food allergy. Therefore, if you already know that you have a Type 1 or IgE mediated allergy then you must continue to avoid those items.


ALCAT-Logo-1The ALCAT Test will not identify immediate food allergies. If you have immediate or IgE mediated food allergies please continue to avoid these items even if they appear on your green or “acceptable” foods list.


If you are in any doubt, or have any questions regarding IgE/classic food allergies, please consult with your physician who can assist in identifying these types of “true” food allergies. It is rare that foods cause this type of classic allergy, typically less than 5% of the population. The ALCAT Test identifies food and chemical sensitivities where the  symptom onset is longer (several hours to days) and varied (typical in chronic conditions). These types of sensitivities or intolerances affect nearly everyone.

Intolerances differ significantly from allergies. Unlike allergies, intolerances may vary from situation to situation, while an allergy always produces the same reaction. Intolerances are caused by the body’s inability to process specific substances and may cause bloating, digestive problems such as gas and/or diarrhea, fatigue, headaches and even the inability to lose weight or weight gain.

Symptoms may be difficult to link to specific foods, environmental substances or food additives because they may not occur until hours or days later. To complicate the situation, each individual has a different tolerance for specific foods, so even if a person has intolerance, it may be mild so that a small amount of the food doesn’t cause a reaction until enough of the food is eaten or is consumed consistently over time.

The test results will provide a report that graphically represents foods in groups:

Alcat Sample TestGreen : Indicates acceptable foods / no reaction (This is not an allergy test so allergens may be listed here.)
Yellow : Indicates a mild intolerance and these foods should be avoided if possible or be placed on a 4 day rotational diet, to decrease the food sensitivity within the body
Orange : Indicates a moderate Intolerance and these foods should be avoided for a minimum of 3-6 months
Red : Indicates a severe Intolerance and these foods should be avoided for a minimum of 6 months.


What is tested for in the ALCAT Food Panel?

The ALCAT Food Sensitivity and Intolerance Panel is a simple blood test that measures the body’s cellular reactivity to highly reactive foods including apples, baker’s yeast, bananas, barley, beef, black pepper, broccoli, butternut squash, cabbage, cane sugar, cantaloupe, carrots, casein, cauliflower, chicken, cinnamon, cocoa, corn, cottonseed, cow’s milk, egg whites, egg yolk, fructose, garlic, gluten/gliadin, grape, green pea, iceberg lettuce, lamb, lemon, mustard, oat, onion, orange peanut, pear, pork, rice (brown/white), shrimp, soybean, strawberry, string bean, sweet potato, tomato, tuna, turkey, vanilla, wheat, white potato, yellow squash, and more.

Is this a food allergy test?

The ALCAT Test is NOT a food allergy test. It is designed to test for intolerances, which have a delayed reaction.

Why do I need it?

Are you experiencing headaches, rashes, chronic digestive discomfort and diarrhea, obesity or the inability to lose weight?
Trying to identify the cause of chronic discomfort can be complicated when it doesn’t seem linked to a specific food, but the intolerance and sensitivity test can help. Pinpointing specific foods and food additives that should be avoided can produce dramatic relief of uncomfortable symptoms.
Because food intolerances develop later in life due to compromised digestive functions brought on by stress, alcohol intake and the use of NSAIDs, adults may find that they have developed intolerances to foods they have been eating their whole lives. In addition, digestive functions become more sluggish as we age so it is common for lactose intolerances, for example, to develop after 40.
Some common food intolerances in are:
• Dairy products (lactose)
• Food additives and preservatives
• Wheat
• Red wine
Food intolerance is much more common than allergies and dietary changes to avoid the offending food can help you feel better quickly.

People who purchased the Food Sensitivity and Intolerance Food Panel also considered the Basic Check Up or one of the other Sensitivity and Intolerance tests to Molds, Environmental Chemicals or an expanded Food Panel.

Is the ALCAT Test covered by insurance?

Cell Science does not accept/file Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare, FEP, Aetna or any HMO’s. CS bills all tests to   insurance companies at list fees. CS offers a free insurance benefits verification service for healthcare providers. Account Activation required.

What are the medication restrictions for the ALCAT Test?

Please click here to view medication restrictions.

Is this a blood test?


Do I have to go to your office?

Yes, you will need to come in to have your blood drawn.

Is fasting required before taking the ALCAT Test?


How long will it take to receive my ALCAT Test Results?

Web results are posted within 5 business days to our office. Hard copies will be received within 10 business days.

What do the asterisks on the ALCAT Test results mean?

An asterisk represents your mild intolerances.

What do the blue boxes on the ALCAT Test results mean?

The blue boxes include items that should be removed from the diet due to reactions with other items.

I know I have an allergy to a food. Why is it on my acceptable food list/Green Column?

This is due to the fact that the ALCAT Test detects sensitivities/intolerances and NOT allergies.

How much support is available after testing, with my Healthcare Provider or ALCAT lab?

Each test done through a Healthcare Provider has access to a 30 minute post test review. (with Healthcare Provider authorization). In addition, each test result comes with a 52 page booklet titled Understanding Your Alcat Test Results.To view this booklet, click here.

What happens if I cancel my test?

There is a $50 processing/shipping fee for all cancelled tests, if it has already been mailed out.

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