Avoid Traffic, Avoid Construction, Save time! At your convenience!

Tele-Medicine convenience!

Our tele-medicine subscription service is set up for your convenience.  Monthly you will consult with our Nurse Practitioner or Doctor for your progress and refills.  All at the convenience of your home and with nothing more than your cell phone for the consult.

How does it work?

Schedule visit online: $80-$130
Final cost depends on program. 
Your first appointment is at our office or remote, where you will receive:

  • Consult with our provider
  • Send in Blood Pressure and Weight
  • Lab draw in office or with lab order
  • Medication scripts included
  • Unlimited visits monthly while on subscription
  • Patient portal access

2nd Visit & every month after: $80 – $130
Scheduled at your convenience

  • Online Tele-medicine visit
  • Scale measurements shared with clinic
  • Blood pressure readings shared with clinic
  • Unlimited medication scripts
  • Discounts and promos list

We solved the Houston Traffic problem. A tele-medicine visit!
NO more Traffic, NO more construction detours, NO more Parking issues, NO more wait times!

Additional Benefits:

  • No additional fee for adjunct medications
    ( blood pressure, diuretic, cholesterol, etc.  all included. )
  • Never get side tracked by running out of your script.
Additional Details
  1. Face-2-Face or remote visit required for most scripts.
  2. Blood Pressure and Weight required to be sent in prior to appointment.
  3. Qualifications for program dependent on health history and is finally decided upon by provider.
  4. Vitamin injections can be prescribed and self-injected at home or you may stop by our office to receive injections.
  5. Additional medications may sometimes require an office visit, i.e. Antibiotics.
  6. Monthly minimum subscription fee is $80, 1 month notice required to cancel.
  7. No cancellation fee.
  8. There is a no reinstatement cost if you cancel, but 1 month notice required to cancel.


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