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We are excited but regretful to announce the postponement of our Transformation Competition.  Due to the extensive popularity and registered participants, we have been forced to reschedule the show to a different time.  Please stay tuned for the new date and time of the Transformation Competition.


The Transformation Competition is open to only males and females who are 18 years or older as of October 12th, 2019.  This contest is NOT SANCTIONED BY OR ASSOCIATED WITH the National Physique Committee (NPC), Texas Bodybuilding Contests, or the IFBB Pro League. This contest is NOT a “national qualifier” for any NPC competition. No IFBB Professional League athletes or any other Professional athletes are allowed to participate.

Competition Requirements
  1. One (1) before transformation and One (1) after transformation image
  2. A 300 work narrative / introduction, including your name, age, residence and highlighting your transformation journey
Divisions and Attire

Male and Female divisions will be broken up by height.
Males, any form of swim trunk may be worn, NO thongs.

Females, any form of swimsuit may be worn.
One (1) or Two (2) piece swimsuits are allowed. NO thongs.

Winner Selection and Judging Criteria

Two (2) winners will be selected by judges applying the following criteria at their sole discretion:

  1. significant body composition change and weight loss.
  2. personal growth and overall transformation journey. (reflected in images and narrative)
  3. stage presence, poise, personality, hair & make-up (where applicable)
JUDGING @ 2:00 PM or Following NPC Event

Contestants will be brought up in groups. Size of groups will depend on total number of contestants. Then, contestants will enter the stage individually to present their 10-15 seconds in center box and perform individual routine.

Posing routine will be 10 seconds of free posing for each competitor. Once all contestants present individual routines, all contestants will be brought up for comparisons: favorite front pose, favorite back pose.

FINALS - Directly after Pre-judging

Contestants will enter individually to present their 10-15 second routine and exit the stage. Everyone will be brought up on stage and top 5 will be announced.

Judges will be chosen by the Sponsor. Judges’ decisions are final and binding in all respects relating to the Contest.


Friday, October 11th from 6-8 PM at The Galveston Convention Center.  Registration ends on Thursday, October 10th.

There is NO LATE REGISTRATION for this event.

Prizes & Awards


$1000 from Houston Medical Wellness Clinic
2 VIP Tickets to the 2020 Muscle Beach Classic
1 Month of meals by FUEL Kitchen & Health Bar


$1000 from Houston Medical Wellness Clinic
2 VIP Tickets to the 2020 Muscle Beach Classic
1 Month of meals by FUEL Kitchen & Health Bar

Register for Transformation Competition

postponed.  stay tuned.

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