Updated 09/21/2021

  1. All our staff are vaccinated against COVID.
  2. Patients are not required to be vaccinated, but we do encourage it.
  3. Patients who have fever, chills, shortness of breath, recent loss of smell or taste, active coughing and sneezing should not come to the office. Please make a tele-medicine appointment instead.
  4. Patients should arrange to come to their appointments.
  5. A NO VISITOR policy is in effect.  Patients’ companions are allowed in treatment rooms, but we are keeping the lobby clear.
  6. Patients are encouraged to wear MASKS, but they are not required.
  7. Patients will be ESCORTED into private patient rooms once they check-in.
  8. Patients must SANITIZE hands and will be given wipes or sanitizer at the main entrance.
  9. Patients are encouraged to fill out and provide all medical paperwork, past medical history and health questionnaires prior to their arrivals to the office.
  10. Patients SHOULD NOT wear gloves inside the office.
  11. Strict social distancing and hand hygiene should be followed at all times.

Please keep in mind sterilizing rooms between patients, spacing out appointments, and all the precautions we are taking, are for your safety; and may cause delays, extended waiting times.

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