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What is Lipo-dissolve?

LIPODISSOLVE™ is the name of a treatment with microinjections to induce fat lysis of the face and body without surgery. Lipo-dissolve is a procedure that was developed by founders of the American Society of Aesthetic Lipo-dissolve (ASAL, LLC) since 2001.
Lipo-dissolve is known as a potential replacement to minor surgical lipoplastic procedures and good results can be achieved in only 1-4 sessions. Lipo-dissolve was officially introduced to medical professionals in the United States in 2004.

LIPODISSOLVE™ can be used for various conditions such as localized fat reduction, skin-retraction, gynecomastia, xanthelasma, cellulite and lipomas. Some procedures give truly exceptional results in consideration of the mild and nonsurgical nature of the treatment. Many lipomas can be successfully reduced in 1-2 sessions by injections alone with excellent results.

If Lipo-dissolve offers skin retraction, can it replace a facelift?

No. LIPODISSOLVE is very good for skin-retraction, but it cannot aid to lift supportive tissue. People who need a face-lift have loose underlying tissue and only surgery can address that. Lipo-dissolve cannot replace extensive skin sagging but is a complementary treatment for minor skin laxity.

Is Lipo-dissolve supported by research?

Yes. The therapy is supported by several clinical studies in 2005 and 2006 published in both Europe and the USA. LIPODISSOLVE is, without doubt, the cosmetic procedure of the future. Studies from 2003 noted a failure rate of less than 4% within four sessions whereas new users begin with an 8% failure rate. This was reduced to less than 1% in 2004 for experienced users. 72.41% of patients had satisfactory results in only two sessions. Studies on long-term effects on subcutaneous use are still needed.

What volume of clinical use stands behind the therapy?

Our members are estimated to perform over 8,000 procedures per month.

How useful is Lipo-dissolve for plastic surgeons?

Plastic surgeons trained via ASAL have reported substantial benefits with LIPODISSOLVE. Lipodissolve is a very effective treatment to correct post-operative deformities from lipoplasty. Or pre-operative to mobilize the fat and speed up the healing process.

Does Lipo-dissolve replace surgery?

Both yes and no. LIPODISSOLVE cannot replace dramatic surgical procedures, whole-body liposculpture, or extensive skin tightening based on lax underlying tissue. But on the right body type with small to medium fat deposits, Lipo-dissolve can replace some surgery and often accomplish good results without extensive downtime or the complications realistic with surgery.
It is important to be aware that cosmetic results can vary greatly with Lipo-dissolve between clinical users depending on how they use this therapy and whether they provide sufficient aftercare, etc.

Is Lipo-dissolve and Mesotherapy the same therapy?

No. LIPODISSOLVE is not a holistic treatment for intradermal use but a subcutaneous medical treatment solely intended to reduce the adiposity by injections. Mesotherapy was popularized in Sports Medicine. Rumours on Lipo-dissolve endeavored US physicians to try mesotherapy products for fat reduction. The problem with mesotherapy are many, including confusions of consistency to pharmaceuticals and protocols, poor cosmetic results with an excessive number of treatments, making it both costly and inconvenient for patients.

Doctors that are interested in an alternative and holistic treatment for conditions in Sports Medicine may find Mesotherapy a positive addition to their clinical practice. In addition, Mesotherapy offer one of the few good treatments for skin rejuvenation of the aging skin. Mesotherapy require a lot of extensive and specialized training for success and to understand the complex use of the +200 medications involved in the therapy.
For liposculpture Mesotherapy may not offer a sufficient solution. Some cases of Mesotherapy for fat reduction have been known to cause severe skin necrosis and infections, conditions which are unknown with Lipo-dissolve.
The medications used in Lipo-dissolve are still not available in France where Mesotherapy originates. Lipo-dissolve is not Mesotherapy.

What are the limitations with Lipo-dissolve?

LIPODISSOLVE is suitable for small to medium fat deposits on patients preferrably having soft or ‘liquidy’ fat bulges. Lipo-dissolve has limited to unsatisfactory cosmetic results on large volumes of fat on obese body types, or on fat mixed with binding tissue. This treatment cannot replace extensive surgical procedures. Lipo-dissolve cannot be used as a weight loss therapy. Lipo-dissolve may need additional care or show poor results on candidates with metabolic or thyroid disorders, or on candidates with generic fat deposits.
As with any cosmetic treatment, whether surgical or nonsurgical, a proper pre-evaluation is essential when selecting the right candidate for treatment. Lipo-dissolve does not provide instant results and is not a suitable treatment for all patients.

Is the procedure safe?

LIPODISSOLVE is extremely promising from a safety aspect. The procedure is mild compared to most cosmetic procedures today. There have been no reports to date of adverse complications that are permanent or life-threatening. Studies and continued monitoring of effects supports a stable safety data of this procedure. Long-term studies are still pending. Rare, but potential risks include adverse allergic reactions against the medications or within the contraindication groups.

What body areas can be treated with Lipo-dissolve?

Areas that can be treated with Lipo-dissolve include the back of the arms, the upper and lower abdomen, the chin and jowls, knees, upper and lower back, inner and outer thighs, buttocks, and love handles. Tremendous results have also been achieved with men who have gynecamastia, or enlarged breasts.

How does Lipo-dissolve work?

Phosphatidylcholine deoxycholate (PCDC) micro-injections are delivered into the targeted treatment areas. The fat cells absorb the PCDC and become slightly inflamed and then harden. The hardened fat cells break down within a few weeks and are eliminated via the body’s natural processes.

Can multiple areas be treated with Lipo-dissolve simultaneously?

It is recommended that at most three areas are treated at one visit. The number of areas treated depends on each person’s lifestyle and their tolerance is to the swelling and occasional bruising which can occur

Is Lipo-dissolve permanent?

The average person is born with a certain number of adipocytes (fat cells) and after adolescence will not develop more. Lipo-dissolve will shrink the adipocytes in the area of treatment, leaving only a thin layer of cells. If a person gains weight, the treated area can become larger because adipocytes still remain (it is impossible and unsafe to remove all adipocytes via any procedure). However, the treated area should remain proportionate; although with Lipo-Suction fat stores in irregular areas.

Is the Lipo-dissolve and Mesotherapy the same therapy?

No. Lipo-dissolve is not a holistic treatment for intradermal use but a subcutaneous medical treatment solely intended to reduce the adiposity by injections.

Lipo-dissolve utilizes a pharmaceutical compound called phosphatidylcholine deoxycholate (PCDC) while Mesotherapy are injections composed of a cocktail of pharmaceuticals, including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and medications.

Mesotherapy offer one of the few good treatments for skin rejuvenation of the aging skin. Mesotherapy require’s a lot of extensive and specialized training for success and to understand the complex use of the +200 medications involved in the therapy.

Do Lipo-dissolve treatments result in weight loss?

No. Lipo-dissolve helps dissolve stubborn fat deposits, but it does not lead to weight loss.

Are there any physical activity restrictions after Lipo-dissolve treatments?

For the first 48 hours after a treatment, vigorous physical activity or exercise is not recommended. Abstinence from Alcohol or any medication or herb that may cause vasodilation is also required. After that time period, playing sports, exercising and returning to a healthy diet is acceptable

How many Lipo-dissolve treatments are needed to achieve results?

Each person’s anatomy and physiology is different. Most people require 2 to 6 treatments to achieve desired results.

What are the side effects of Lipo-dissolve?

There may be some localized discomfort upon injection, and a minor burning sensation immediately following the treatment. Swelling will occur in the treated area, and soreness and inflammation may be experienced for several days after treatment. Localized bruising, nausea, headache, and diarrhea have also been reported. At this time, there is no information regarding long term side effects.

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