Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) FAQ

An extreme diet that involves injections of HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin)
What is HCG?

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) is a hormone produced by women during pregnancy. HCG maximizes the function of the body’s control centers in the hypothalamus, one of which manages the movement and distribution of fat throughout the body. HCG mobilizes abnormal or unwanted fat and releases it as a source of energy. HCG not only helps people lose body fat, but also helps them lose fat around “problem areas” that are resistant to typical diets and exercise; while following the prescribed HCG protocol.

What is Homeopathic HCG?

Homeopathic HCG often purchased on the second-hand market. It is herbal with little to no effect at all. It is not compounded at a pharmacy and is not supervised by a physician. For these reasons, Homeopathic HCG is medically unsafe, buy at your own risk. This is also the version singled out by the FDA.

Only naturally occurring HCG can be used effectively and this hormone must be prescribed by a physician and compounded at a compounding pharmacy. Furthermore, injecting the HCG into the muscle tissue is the preferred method of administration.

We do not recommend using hormone therapy without medical supervision.

Who can take HCG?

HCG is safe and effective for men and women at any age after puberty. HCG is not a sex hormone and does not affect the ovaries, but can increase general hormone production.

Is it true that exercising is not a part of the HCG Protocol?

It is true!

The HCG protocol requires daily injections of HCG and following a strict low calorie diet. Exercise is not recommended because the low calorie diet is not meant to support the energy requirements of regular exercise. If you want to exercise we recommend light cardio, yoga or pilates.

HCG is not recognized by the Food and Drug Administration as a weight loss treatment. Is it safe?

HCG has long been approved by the FDA to treat various medical conditions including certain problems with the male reproductive system. HCG is safe to use, however the FDA has not approved the hormone for use in medical weight loss at this time.

How can I be certain that HCG is safe?

During pregnancy HCG is produced daily in quantities hundreds of thousands of times greater than the amounts used in medical weight loss treatments. It does not harm the fetus or the mother.

The HCG Institute only prescribes medically supervised HCG treatments. A physician will determine if anything in your medical history or blood results precludes you from the HCG protocol.

Can I still wear makeup? Use deodorant? Lotion? Shampoo? Conditioner? Or color my hair? What about Tanning?

Some HCG information sites will warn you to avoid wearing makeup, or lotion and provide alternatives to deodorant and shampoo’s. These precautions have been deemed unnecessary by our medical staff at Houston Medical Wellness Clinic because the change in the treatments effectiveness is negligible or fractional at best.

Cautionary Advice Regarding Over the Counter HCG

There is a profound difference between pharmaceutical HCG hormone and homeopathic HCG drops which are available over the counter and on the internet. Homeopathic HCG has been shown to contain a variety of the following substance: water, alcohol, vitamins, filtered microscopic trace amounts of HCG if any at all the various herbal stimulants. This suggests that homeopathic HCG has no relationship to the HCG hormone.

Pharmaceutical HCG hormone can only be obtained by a written prescription from a licensed healthcare provider and cannot be purchased off the internet or nutrition stores. If you have purchased “HCG drops” off the internet, you have most likely purchased “Homeopathic HCG” which does NOT require a prescription because it does not contain the real pharmaceutical HCG hormone.

The HCG Diet Protocol is based off the theory that the HCG hormone triggers your body to release abnormal fats and deliver the nutrition it needs to supplement a low caloric intake. If you are not getting this supplementation of calories because you are using a homeopathic mixture, your body most likely will deplete structural fat and will not capitalize on releasing excess stored fat reserves. As a result, your metabolism may slow down with the loss of lean muscle mass and the feeling of hunger, weakness and fatigue will most certainly occur. Additionally, the health risks can be damaging for dieters that are unaware of potential underlying medical condition because the proper physician supervision, blood testing and comprehensive physical exam were not preformed or required.

HCG requires a prescription.  If you are obtaining it without a physician visit, you’re most likely not receiving a legitimate product.

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